Visit from movers = trifecta moodkill: a) reality of move sets in -> panic!; b) you find out a 20ft container is too small (you thought you only had 2 duffel bags) -> mid-life crisis; c) they’re coming back in 2 weeks -> only 2 weeks to get over panic and mid-life crisis

Picnics are so last season. All the teddy bears are at the #NorfolkIsland Country Music Festival. Nothing like teddies gadding about to bluegrass.

It’s like the whole town took a leadership course where they were told to just do it and ask for forgiveness later. Nice!

Looking forward to a chat tomorrow on governance and the #Pacific with officials from @ASEAN and Africa visiting #NZ to study English @VicUniWgtn

Ethics in the era of Yelp: how do you leave a good review for a car rental company that’s awfully – exceptionally – nice, but where the brakes failed on a scary downhill?

Sunday trading is a real holiday killer. It should go. Especially in small islands like Waiheke!

Flicking through the March Kia Ora magazine, I feel for regional New Zealand – might be worth doing a “leave no one behind” session with @flyairnz

The Koru lounge in Wellington is now at the cutting edge of @flyairnz lounges. After five years, the hand cream and hand wash have been finally separated from being next to each other. #hallelujah