I wonder if there are any empirical papers estimating the productivity/welfare loss to society from people deciding to wait the extra ten seconds for their Secure ID / 2FA tokens to refresh.

Just the kind of story I want to read during a bout of insomnia. Thanks @voxdotcom!

And I’m getting giddy thinking about @ShaniaTwain getting giddy about performing in #NZ Beating Heart on Twitter

I can confirm that the @metservice “feels like” measure is very, *very* accurate. #Brrrrr

Hey @nztreasury, love the new website! But still a few teething problems. Many links lead to a 403 error on this page: https://treasury.govt.nz/publications

Task for the weekend: “de-cluttering”. Seems innocuous enough, but it can eventually lead you to take a “How big a hoarder am I?” test, and the answer might not make your day.

Visit from movers = trifecta moodkill: a) reality of move sets in -> panic!; b) you find out a 20ft container is too small (you thought you only had 2 duffel bags) -> mid-life crisis; c) they’re coming back in 2 weeks -> only 2 weeks to get over panic and mid-life crisis