Sticky notes from a bald antipodindian

I am a Senior Country Economist for the World Bank, covering Uzbekistan. I am based in Tashkent, and moved here in June 2018.

Past lives:

Before moving to the Bank (this assignment in Tashkent is my first), I worked for the New Zealand Aid Programme, which is a part of the Pacific and Development Group at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. At MFAT, I managed a team of people passionate about economics, governance, trade and labour mobility. I was also the New Zealand Government’s chief development economist. Most of my time in this role was spent on four issues: (a) supporting reforms and economic governance in Pacific Island Countries; (b) supporting New Zealand’s strategic relationships with international financial institutions; (c) representing New Zealand on regional and international development policy issues; and (c) developing and advancing New Zealand’s international development strategic architecture.

My previous lives involved increasing amounts of hair and travel (in reverse chronological order). And roles in two Finance Ministries (New Zealand, Zambia), a Central Bank (Guyana), and an investment bank (Deutsche Bank). I graduated from (LSE and Loyola College in Chennai). I am a proud former ODI Fellow (I worked in Guyana and Zambia as a Fellow) – it was without question the most professionally impacting and and personally rewarding experience of my life.

I also used to run a (relatively) successful web hosting company in India. But that was a long time ago.

This site:

I use this site for longer blog posts on things that I’m thinking about. I also use the site to write down solutions to (mostly technological) problems I’ve encountered where I haven’t easily found such solutions easily online. Updates here are more sporadic than on my Twitter feed. I also keep a box of chocolates on this site – memories of different experiences I’ve had over the years.